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AnalyseEvents2 : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object

event analyser (BBCut)


//This file is part of MLfftwUGens. Copyright (C) 2006  Nicholas M.Collins distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License full notice in file MachineListening.license

//This file is part of The BBCut Library. Copyright (C) 2001  Nick M.Collins distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License full notice in file

On-the-fly event analyser, based on onset detection/on-the-fly analysis described in my academic papers. Best for percussive events. Recommended that you go via the Segmentation (for one-pass) and AnalyseEventsDatabase (for on-the-fly) classes in standard usage, don't use this directly.

NOTE: you will need bbcut2 for further classes and capabilities. This UGen is included in sc3-plugins for cross-platform building.

Class Methods, bufnum: 0, threshold: 0.34, triggerid: 101, circular: 0, pitch: 0)



Audio input to track


A buffer within which results of the analysis are place


A parameter acting as the onset detector threshold, default of 0.34 was determined as the best performing over a database of percussive onset, but you might want to change this to change the sensitivity (though you always increase the risk of false positives or false negatives)


A trigger ID number used for communication from the UGen to the Lang to mark that a new event was received. Only passed for on-the-fly analysis.


A flag to note on-the-fly analysis assuming a circular buffer. If you only need a one-pass analysis on a file, you won't use this.


Can take a .kr pitch detection UGen as input. Will take the median fundamental frequency over a note event from values recorded from this pitch input.

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