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Blip : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object

Band limited impulse oscillator.


Band Limited ImPulse generator. All harmonics have equal amplitude. This is the equivalent of 'buzz' in MusicN languages.

Synth-O-Matic (1990) had an impulse generator called blip, hence that name here rather than 'buzz'.

It is improved from other implementations in that it will crossfade in a control period when the number of harmonics changes, so that there are no audible pops. It also eliminates the divide in the formula by using a 1/sin table (with special precautions taken for 1/0). The lookup tables are linearly interpolated for better quality.

WARNING: This waveform in its raw form could be damaging to your ears at high amplitudes or for long periods.

Class Methods 440, numharm: 200, mul: 1, add: 0)



Frequency in Hertz.


Number of harmonics. This may be lowered internally if it would cause aliasing.


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Undocumented class methods 440, numharm: 200, mul: 1, add: 0)

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// modulate frequency
{,200,6),100,0.2) }.play;

// modulate numharmonics
{,,100,20),0.2) }.play;