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BufSamples : BufInfoUGenBase : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object

Current number of samples in buffer.


Returns the current number of allocated samples. A sample is not the same as a frame (compare with BufFrames ); a frame includes the samples in each channel of the buffer. Only for a mono buffer are samples the same as frames.

samples = frames * numChannels

Class Methods

From superclass: BufInfoUGenBase

From superclass: BufInfoUGenBase



Buffer index.


WARNING: The .ir method is not the safest choice. Since a buffer can be reallocated at any time, using .ir will not track the changes.

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// example; this buffer is mono, so the number of samples matches the number of frames
b =, Platform.resourceDir +/+ "sounds/a11wlk01.wav");

// indexing with a phasor
{, b,,, 0, }.play;

// indexing by hand
{, b,, }.play;;