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ContiguousBlockAllocator : Object

for better handling of dynamic allocation


The default allocator used in servers to allocate bus numbers and buffer numbers. Compared to its predecessor, PowerOfTwoAllocator, it can reserve a block of numbers at the beginning of its range, and it can offset its entire range of numbers to support multiple clientIDs.

Class Methods, pos: 0, addrOffset: 0)

Create a new allocator with size slots. You may block off the first pos slots (the server's audioBusAllocator does this to reserve the hardware input and output buses).

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the number of id numbers it can allocate


the allocator's offset for a reserved block (e.g. for hardware input and output buses).


the offset of the allocator's address range, which is used to accomodate multiple clientIDs.

.alloc(n: 1)

Return the starting index of a free block that is n slots wide. The default is 1 slot.


Free a previously allocated block starting at address.

.reserve(address, size: 1, warn: true)

Mark a specific range of addresses as used so that the alloc method will not return any addresses within that range.


post internal state of allocator for debugging.

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