SuperCollider CLASSES (extension)


Sawtooth via 4th order differerentiated polynomial waveform
Inherits from: UGen : AbstractFunction : Object


Differentiated polynomial waveforms described in their technicalities here: Vesa Valimaki, Juhan Nam, Julius O. Smith and Jonathan S. Abel Alias-Suppressed Oscillators Based on Differentiated Polynomial Waveforms IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing 18(4) May 2010, pp 786--798

Internally, uses DPW2 (quadratic polynomial) for frequencies below 400Hz, with a crossfade in the 400-600Hz region to DPW4. DPW4 behaves well then for higher frequencies.

Slightly less efficient than Saw when lots of UGens running, very slightly duller sound.

Class Methods

*ar (freq: 440, mul: 1, add: 0)



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Instance Methods

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{, 20, 10)) }.play; 

{,12000,'exponential'))*0.5 }.play;


//DPW4Saw less efficient than the already band limited Saw UGen
{ Mix(,50,5000))*0.01) }.play;

{ Mix(,50,5000))*0.01) }.play;