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HiliteGradient : Object

A linear color fade between an outside and an inside color
Source: Gradient.sc


A linear color fade between an outside and an inside color.

NOTE: The use of HiliteGradient is not supported yet in Qt GUI. When HiliteGradient is used in place of Color, the average gradient color will be used instead.

Class Methods

HiliteGradient.new(color1, color2, direction: 'v', steps: 64, frac: 0.33)



An instance of Color.


An instance of Color.


\h or \v for horizontal and vertical respectively. Default value is \v.


The resolution of the gradient. Default value is 64.


The center of the gradient. Default value is 0.33, i.e. off center toward the top on a vertical gradient.

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// basic usage
w = Window.new.front;
v = CompositeView(w, Rect(50, 50, 200, 50));
v.background = HiliteGradient(Color.gray, Color.white);

// change direction and resolution
w = Window.new.front;
w.view.background = HiliteGradient(Color.red, Color.white, \h, 12, 0.5);

// almost unnoticeable variations can be pleasant
w = Window.new.front;
v = CompositeView(w, Rect(50,50,300,300));
c = Color.rand;
d = c.vary(0.15);
v.background = HiliteGradient(c, d, \v);
[c, d].postln

var w, k, c, d, e, c1, c2, f, g;
w = Window.new.front;
k = Slider2D(w, Rect(50, 50, 300, 300));
f = {
    c = Color.rand;
    d = c.vary(0.5);
    e = d.vary(0.5);
g = {
    c1 = d.hueBlend(e, k.y).round(0.01);
    c2 = c.hueBlend(e, k.x).round(0.01);
    k.background = HiliteGradient(c1, c2, \v)
f.value; g.value;
k.action = g;
k.mouseUpAction = { [c1, c2].postln };
k.keyDownAction = f; // hit any key for new color