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Access and modify interpreter configuration
Inherits from: Object


The LanguageConfig class provides access to the interpreter configuration.

Class Methods

*store (file)

Store the current configuration to file.



Path to the configuration file to store. If the value is nil it defaults to Platform.userConfigDir +/+ "sclang_conf.yaml"

Library Path Handling

The language configuration mechanism provides a way to add or exclude specific paths for the class library.

NOTE: Changes to the class library paths won't have any effect before the configuration file is stored and the class library is recompiled.


Return the class library include paths.

*addIncludePath (aPath)

Add new class library include path.

*removeIncludePath (aPath)

Remove path from class library include paths.


Return the class library exclude paths.

*addExcludePath (aPath)

Add new class library exclude path.

*removeExcludePath (aPath)

Remove path from class library exclude paths.


Return the current config file path.

Compiler Warnings


*postInlineWarnings = aBoolean

Get or set the compiler flag, whether warnings should be posted if a FunctionDef cannot be inlined.

Inherited class methods

Instance Methods

Inherited instance methods

Configuration File Format

The configuration file is stored in YAML format, which contains one dictionary. The semantics of the dictionary is listed in the following table:

List of class library paths.
List of paths to exclude from the class library files (overrides includePaths).
Boolean flag to post warnings about missing inline opportunities.