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Limiter : Normalizer : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object

Peak limiter


Limits the input amplitude to the given level. Limiter will not overshoot like Compander will, but it needs to look ahead in the audio. Thus there is a delay equal to twice the value of the dur parameter.

Limiter, unlike Compander, is completely transparent for an in range signal.

Class Methods 0, level: 1, dur: 0.01)

From superclass: Normalizer



The signal to be processed.


The peak output amplitude level to which to normalize the input.


aka lookAheadTime. The buffer delay time. Shorter times will produce smaller delays and quicker transient response times, but may introduce amplitude modulation artifacts.

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// example signal to process{
    var z;
    z =,, -0.6, 0.7)),
        0.001, 0.3,;
}, 0.8)

    var z;
    z =,, -0.6, 0.7)),
        0.001, 0.3,;
    [z,, 0.4, 0.01)]
}, 0.5)