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MIDIMessageDispatcherNV : MIDIMessageDispatcher : AbstractWrappingDispatcher : AbstractDispatcher : Object

The default dispatcher for MIDIFunc's and MIDIdef's set to respond to touch, program, and bend messages.


MIDIMessageDispatcherNV is used to dispatch incoming MIDI touch, program, and bend messages to matching functions. Normally users should not have to create or message instances of this class directly.

Class Methods

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Instance Methods


Get the keys at which a responder func's functions are stored in this dispatcher's active dictionary. The keys will be MIDI channels.



The MIDIFunc or MIDIdef whose keys should be returned.


An Array containing the funcProxy's channel number as an Integer.

.value(src, chan, val)

Attempt to match an incoming MIDI message with this dispatcher's responder funcs, and evaluate their functions for all matches found.



The UID of the source of the MIDI message as an Integer.


The channel number of the MIDI message as an Integer. Note this should be in the range 0-15.


The message value (e.g. velocity, etc.) of the MIDI message as an Integer. Note this should be in the range 0-127.


Called internally to wrap functions in message matcher objects, if needed.



An instance of MIDIFunc or MIDIdef whose function(s) are to be wrapped.

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