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Meddis cochlear hair cell model


Implementation of a hair cell model based on Implementation details of a computation model of the inner hair-cell/auditory-nerve synapse (Ray Meddis, Michael J. Hewitt and Trevor M. Shackleton JASA 87(4) April 1990) The model is currently hard-coded for the 'medium spontaneous rate' parameters. The functional effect is like half wave rectification and low pass filtering, with a more physiologically plausible mechanism.

Model output is scaled by 100 from the JASA paper settings to obtain a sensible output range for audio signals in SuperCollider.

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input to be processed (essentially, basilar membrane motion at a particular point, affecting an inner hair cell's stereocilia)

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//try passing a signal through the hair cell
x = { }.play;;

//recursive hair cell compression
{ }.play;