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Method : FunctionDef : Object

Code that implements an operation upon instances of a Class.


A Method is code that is a part of the set of operations upon instances of a Class.

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The global pseudo-variable thisMethod always evaluates to the enclosing Method in a class definition, much like thisFunction. When executed outside that context, it returns Interpreter: -functionCompileContext, the method within which all interpreted code executes.

// if the following code were compiled as part of the class library:
SomeClass {
    methodThatPostsItself {

// then running this would post
// "SomeClass:methodThatPostsItself"
a =;

thisMethod is frequently used to pass information to error-throwing methods. For example, the implementation of is:

*new { ^this.shouldNotImplement(thisMethod) }

See also: thisFunction.

Class Methods

Inherited class methods

Instance Methods



The Class for which the method is part of the implementation.



A Symbol which is the name of the Method.



A Symbol which contains the name of the primitive function that implements the Method, if there is one.



A Symbol which is the full path of the source file that this method is defined in.

Inherited instance methods

Undocumented instance methods




.findReferences(aSymbol, references)





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