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NotificationCenter : Object

let an object emit notifications


One common OOP pattern is Model-View-Controller where one object (the controller) is a dependant of the model. Every time the model changes it notifies all of its dependants. In this case the model has a dictionary of dependants and iterates through those.

Another common pattern is NotificationCenter wherein an object emits a notification and clients can register functions that will be executed when that notification happens.

A Server emits a \newAllocators notification when it creates new node and bus allocators which it does when it quits or boots.

You can listen for this:

The Buffer class register a function to clear its info cache whenever a server restarts. The server is emitting changed messages quite often (every 0.4 secs for the status updates), and the Buffer class is only interested in boot/quit events, so this is a more lightweight system for this purpose.

Class Methods

NotificationCenter.notify(object, message, args)

The object emits a message and may also pass extra args.

NotificationCenter.register(object, message, listener, action)

An interested client can register the action function for the object/message notification. A listener may only register one action per object/message notification.

NotificationCenter.unregister(object, message, listener)

Remove the registrations.

NotificationCenter.registerOneShot(object, message, listener, action)

After the notification has been emitted and handled, automatically unregister.

NotificationCenter.registrationExists(object, message, listener)

Simply confirms if a registration is already in place.

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