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an order of elements with a numerical index
Subclasses: SparseArray


Keeps elements in an order and allows to put them at arbitrary slots without having to allocate a large array.

NOTE: -put and -at are slower than in IdentityDictionary / PriorityQueue, -do is faster.

Class Methods

*new (size: 8)

Create a new order.

g =;
g.put(7, 100); // put a value (100) at index 7
g.clear; // empty

*newFromIndices (array, indices)

Create a new order from given items and indices.

Inherited class methods

Instance Methods

-doRange (function, from: 0, to)

Iterate over a range of the order's items.


Return the current write position.

Inherited instance methods

Undocumented instance methods

-add (obj)


-array = value


-at (index)


-clear (size)

-collect (function)


-do (function)


-indices = value

-indicesDo (function)

-keysValuesDo (function)




-put (index, obj)

-reject (function)

-rejectInPlace (function)

-removeAllSuchThat (function)

-removeAt (index, obj)

-removeAtSlot (slot)

-select (function)

-selectInPlace (function)




a =;

a[0] = \z;
a[0] = \y;
a[5] = \five;
a[4] = \four;

a[0] = \z;
a[5] = \five;
a[4] = \four;


a[9] = 100;