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Complex conjugate


Converts the FFT frames to their complex conjugate (i.e. reverses the sign of their imaginary part). This is not usually a useful audio effect in itself, but may be a component of other analysis or transformation processes...

Class Methods

*new (buffer)

From superclass: PV_MagSquared



FFT chain.

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Instance Methods

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b = Buffer.alloc(s,2048,1);
c =, Platform.resourceDir +/+ "sounds/a11wlk01.wav");
d = Buffer.alloc(s,2048,1);

SynthDef(\help_pvconj, {  arg out=0, bufnum=0, soundBufnum=2;
    var in, chain;
    in =, soundBufnum,, loop: 1);
    chain = FFT(bufnum, in);
    chain = PV_Conj(chain);
    // Original is left, conj is right, 0.3 * [in, IFFT(chain)]);
}).play(s,[\out, 0, \bufnum, b, \soundBufnum, c]);

SynthDef(\help_pvconj2, {  arg out=0, bufnum=0, soundBufnum=2;
    var in, chainA, chainB;
    in =, soundBufnum,, loop: 1);
    chainA = FFT(bufnum, in);
    chainB = PV_Copy(chainA, d);
    chainB = PV_Conj(chainB);
    // Now we have the original and conjugate, what happens if we add them?, 0.3 * (IFFT(PV_Add(chainA, chainB)).dup));
}).play(s,[\out, 0, \bufnum, b, \soundBufnum, c]);