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Paddp : Psetp : Pset : FilterPattern : Pattern : AbstractFunction : Object

add each value of a pattern to the value at a key in event stream


Adds a value to a named value in an event pattern or stream until it ends. Repeats this with new values until the value stream ends.

Class Methods, value, pattern)

From superclass: Pset



the named value in the event pattern or stream to add to.


The value, pattern, stream or array to add. The resulting stream ends when this incoming stream ends.


The event pattern or stream within which to add the new values.

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Inherited instance methods

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.filterEvent(event, val)


var a, b;
a = Paddp(\freq, Pseq([2, 3, pi],inf), Pbind(\freq, Pseq([100, 200, 300])));
x = a.asStream;{; });
//sound example
    { arg out=0, freq=440, sustain=0.02;
        var env;
        env =, sustain), 1, doneAction: Done.freeSelf);,, 0, env * 0.1))

a = Pbind(\freq, Pseq([500, 600, 700]), \instrument, \sinegrain);
a = Paddp(\freq, Pseq([30, 90, -100], inf), a);;