SuperCollider CLASSES


set the random seed in subpattern


Set the random generator seed of the resulting stream.

Class Methods

*new (randSeed, pattern)



integer number, pattern or stream that return an integer number.

NOTE: randSeed is always treated as a pattern/stream. If you provide a single, constant seed value, it will behave as an infinite-length stream. This will cause the subpattern to be embedded an infinite number of times. Compare:
// Pwhite repeats its three values forever
Pseed(1000, Pwhite(1, 10, 3)).asStream.nextN(10);

// Pwhite runs once:
// the output stream consists of three values, then 'nil' ad infinitum
Pseed(Pn(1000, 1), Pwhite(1, 10, 3)).asStream.nextN(10);

Inherited class methods

Instance Methods

Inherited instance methods

Undocumented instance methods

-embedInStream (inval)


-randSeed = value


a = Pseed(1972, Prand([1,2,3], inf));

b = a.asStream;{ });

c = a.asStream;{ });

// using a seed pattern as input:

a = Pseed(Pseq([1812, 1912], inf), Prand([1,2,3], 5));

b = a.asStream;{{ });"".postln;  });

c = a.asStream;{{ });"".postln;  });

// outer thread is independant:

a = Pseed(Prand([1534, 1600, 1798, 1986, 2005], inf), Pshuf([1, Prand([7, 9], 2), 1, 2, 3], 1));

// returns random streams
b = a.asStream;{{ });"".postln;  });

c = a.asStream;{{ });"".postln;  });