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PulseDPW : Object

super-efficient square-wave oscillator with low aliasing


Use this just like the Pulse UGen - as with SawDPW, this uses the "Differentiated Parabolic Wave" technique to create a waveform extremely efficiently and with low (but not zero) aliasing.

freq - Frequency in Hertz (control rate)

width - Pulse width ratio from zero to one. 0.5 makes a square wave. This cannot be modulated.

This is actually a "pseudo-ugen" based on SawDPW rather than a separate UGen in itself, but is still very efficient. Compare the CPU usage in these examples:

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PulseDPW.ar(freq: 440, width: 0.5, mul: 1, add: 0)

PulseDPW.kr(freq: 440, width: 0.5, mul: 1, add: 0)

PulseDPW.new(rate: 'ar', freq: 440, width: 0.5, mul: 1, add: 0)

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// modulate frequency
{ Pulse   .ar(XLine.kr(40,4000,6),0.1, 0.2) }.play;
{ PulseDPW.ar(XLine.kr(40,4000,6),0.1, 0.2) }.play;

// two band limited square waves thru a resonant low pass filter
{ RLPF.ar(Pulse   .ar([100,250],0.5,0.1), XLine.kr(8000,400,5), 0.05) }.play;
{ RLPF.ar(PulseDPW.ar([100,250],0.5,0.1), XLine.kr(8000,400,5), 0.05) }.play;