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PulseDivider : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object

Pulse divider.
Source: Trig.sc


Outputs one impulse each time it receives a certain number of triggers at its input.

Class Methods

PulseDivider.ar(trig: 0, div: 2, start: 0)

PulseDivider.kr(trig: 0, div: 2, start: 0)



Trigger. Trigger can be any signal. A trigger happens when the signal changes from non-positive to positive.


Number of triggers to count before outputting an impulse.


Starting value for the trigger count. This lets you start somewhere in the middle of a count. If start is negative it adds that many counts to the first time the output is triggered.

Inherited class methods

Instance Methods

Inherited instance methods


SynthDef("help-PulseDivider",{ arg out=0;
    var p, a, b;
    p = Impulse.ar(8);
    a = SinOsc.ar(1200, 0, Decay2.ar(p, 0.005, 0.1));
    b = SinOsc.ar(600,  0, Decay2.ar(PulseDivider.ar(p, 4), 0.005, 0.5));

    Out.ar(out,(a + b) * 0.4)