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RandID : WidthFirstUGen : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object

Set the synth's random generator ID.


Choose which random number generator to use for this synth. All synths that use the same generator reproduce the same sequence of numbers when the same seed is set again.

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The random number generator ID.

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//start a noise patch and set the id of the generator
SynthDef("help-RandID", { arg out=0, id=1;;, +

//reset the seed of my rgen at a variable rate
SynthDef("help-RandSeed", { arg seed=1910, id=1;;, 0, 10, 11)), seed);


//start two noise synths on left and right channel with a different randgen id
a = Synth("help-RandID", [\out, 0, \id, 1]);
b = Synth("help-RandID", [\out, 1, \id, 2]);

//reset the seed of randgen 1
x = Synth("help-RandSeed", [\id, 1]);

//change the target randgen to 2 (affects right channel)
x.set(\id, 2);