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Sieve1 : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object

Fuzzy sieve based synthesis

//SLUGens released under the GNU GPL as extensions for SuperCollider 3, by Nick Collins, 


Implementation of Xenakis's idea of sieve based synthesis, generalized to use fuzzy (probabilistic) sieves. Sieves are stored in buffers and can be dynamically swapped.

Ariza, Chris 2009 “Sonifying Sieves: Synthesis and Signal Processing Applications of the Xenakis Sieve with Python and Csound.” In Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference. San Francisco: International Computer Music Association.

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Undocumented class methods, gap: 2, alternate: 1, mul: 1, add: 0), gap: 2, alternate: 1, mul: 1, add: 0)

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//MUST be a buffer with data in format [sizeofcurrentsieve,sieveentry1,sieveentry2,...] where currentsize always less than initially allocated buffer length -1. 



b = Buffer.alloc(s,300); 

b.setn(0, [88]++({[0.1.rand,0.5.rand].wchoose([0.8,0.2])}!88))


//dynamically swap buffer
b.setn(0, [8]++(1.0!8))

b.setn(0, [8]++({rrand(0.1,1.0)}!8))

b.setn(0, [18]++({[0.0,1.0].choose}!18))

b.setn(0, [188]++({[0.0,rrand(0.96,1.0)].wchoose([0.3,0.7])}!188))