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Read audio from hardware inputs
Inherits from: Object
Subclasses: AudioIn


SoundIn is a convenience UGen to read audio from the input of your computer or soundcard. It is a wrapper UGen based on In, which offsets the index such that 0 will always correspond to the first input regardless of the number of inputs present.

NOTE: On Intel based Macs, reading the built-in microphone or input may require creating an aggregate device in AudioMIDI Setup.

"open -a 'Audio MIDI Setup'".unixCmd; // execute this to launch it

Class Methods

*ar (bus: 0, mul: 1, add: 0)



the channel (or array of channels) to read in. These start at 0, which will correspond to the first audio input.


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// world's most expensive patchcord (use headphones to avoid feedback)
{ }.play;

// stereo version
{[0, 1]) }.play;

// scope input; silent output
{; }.scope;