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TextVU : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object

display level of a UGen as a textual meter


This behaves similar to Poll but displays its output as a textual "VU meter" visualisation (ranging from -60 to 0 dB). The class also automatically inserts an Amplitude analysis into the chain (you can modify this by supplying a function to the ana argument). Also, internally it ONLY RUNS AT CONTROL RATE, although it can analyse ar or kr inputs (and passes them back out again).

Parameters not found in Poll:

width Number of characters used to display the meter. Cannot be modulated.

ana Analysis function (if nil, inserts an automatic amplitude analysis). Cannot be modulated.

reset If >0, resets the ugen's all-time-peak memory.

The result looks something like this:


Class Methods

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TextVU.ar(trig: 2, in, label, width: 21, reset: 0, ana)

TextVU.kr(trig: 2, in, label, width: 21, reset: 0, ana)

TextVU.new(trig: 2, in, label, width: 21, reset: 0, ana)

Instance Methods

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x = {
var son = SinOsc.ar(mul: SinOsc.ar(0.3).range(0,1) * Line.ar(0, 1, 20, doneAction: 2));
TextVU.ar(2, son, "Sin");