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UnaryOpFunction : AbstractFunction : Object

represent a unary operation on a function


Operating on functions instead of numbers, what results is not a result of the calculation, but a structure that represents that calculation.

Class Methods

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Undocumented class methods

UnaryOpFunction.new(selector, a)

Instance Methods

Inherited instance methods

Undocumented instance methods

.functionPerformList(selector, arglist)

.value( ... args)


.valueArrayEnvir( ... args)

.valueEnvir( ... args)


a = 2.sqrt; // result is square root of two (approximate floating point).
a = { b }.sqrt; // result is  a UnaryOpFunction
b = 2;
a.value; // now it is evaluated, and the result is calculated
b = 9;
a.value; // again, with a different value.
// sound example
var a = { 19.rand };
var b = a.sqrt;
fork {
    15.do {
        (instrument: \default, note: [a.value, b.value]).play;