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Mark Polishook tutorial

We know that SuperCollider applies a client/server model to audio synthesis and processing. Let's focus on synthesis definition. Some things to consider:


First, we require knowledge of digital signal processing. A reference, such as the "Computer Music Tutorial," (MIT Press) can be helpful. A source on the internet is "The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing" at



Second, we need to know how to use the SuperCollider language to express synthesis algorithms. This means learning about object-oriented programming in general and about the grammar and syntax of the SuperCollider language in particular. A book about Smalltalk, the object-oriented computer language that SuperCollider closely resembles, can be helpful. Two books about Smalltalk on the www are

The Art and Science of Smalltalk



Smalltalk by Example


The SuperCollider documentation and numerous sites across the internet, such as the swiki at


explain and show how the SuperCollider language works.


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