Color roles:
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Color roles

A list of color roles within a palette, and their meaning

A palette (see QPalette) consists of colors assigned to various color roles within the three color groups (see Color groups). The following is a list of possible symbols to denote color roles, and their meanings.

'window'Window background. Views may also use this role, for example to derive the color of their border. It is also the background of StaticText.
'windowText'Text on top of 'window', for example in StaticText.
'button'Everything button-alike. For example Button background, as well as Slider thumb.
'buttonText'Text on top of 'button'.
'brightText'May be used for text on pressed Button.
'base'Background of views that display a lot of text (TextView, ListView, etc.).
'baseText'Text on top of 'base'.
'alternateBase'ListView may use alternate background colors for rows.
'toolTipBase'Background of tooltips.
'toolTipText'Text of tooltips.
'highlight'Used to indicate selection, as in ListView, etc.
'highlightText'Selected text / item.
'link'Default color for links on a web page.
'linkVisited'Default color for visited links on a web page.

Additionally, the following roles are used to create 3D effects:

'light'Lighter than 'button'.
'midlight'Between 'button' and 'light'.
'middark'Between 'button' and 'dark'.
'dark'Darker than 'button'.
'shadow'A very dark color.