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generative melody

09 Feb'18 17:26 in generative

Shift register patch

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26 Jan'18 10:45 in

Randomized FM7 perc sounds

09 Dec'17 02:53 in fmfrequency modulation

Requires: SuperCollider v3.8.0+ FM7 (sc3 plugins) Feedback Quark

FM7 Patch

06 Dec'17 10:46 in fmfrequency modulation

forlorn brownian atmosphere

22 Jul'17 02:03 in generative

Requires sc3-plugins: DFM1, Greyhole, JPverb

Simple pattern-based beat slicer

24 Jan'16 16:00 in beat slicer

Revised: Made some improvements from previous submission. I hadn't really come across a simple self-contained example to use with patterns. You can download a free drum loop from: https://freesound.org/people/pushtobreak/sounds/5647/