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Orchestral Sound texture v1

I've used samples from the SSO (

UI sounds (pt1)

02 Jan'19 15:05 in soundfminterfaceui

This code is an attempt to recreate a sound inspired from some technological/science fictional UI interface. Sounds are created using FM technique. Play around FC, FM, ATK and RLS to obtain different sound characters.

aurora borealis

27 Dec'18 08:50 in ambientatmosphere

Random synths selected from VarSaw, Pulse and WhiteNoise create a texture resambling brasses, woods and flutes. It reminds me Micheal Land "The Dig" soundtrack ( Listen to an extract of it here:

Modal synthesis of xilophone, marimba, glokenspiel, tubular bells

2 1

Example of modal synthesis made with a **Klank** UGEN as _resonator_ and white noise impulse as an _exciter_. All resonators of the Klank UGEN are properly tuned to resamble modal frequencies of a real bell I've recoded and analysed. The ```fs```, ```pitchy``` and ```T60``` arguments are used to scale all the system in order to simulate various percussive instruments such as _xilophone_, _marimba_, _glokenspiel_ and _tubular bells_.

farfisa organ like sound

10 Jun'18 06:38 in organviolinsyntheticflute

Trying to procedurally synthetise a violin, I eventually came out with a "Farfisa" organ like sound. It can be used also as a flute!