Orléans, France

Don't hesitate to contact me !

Huge music fan, have studied musicology in order to understand its history.

Have been playing guitar for over a decade, also sing, percussions, keyboards, etc...

If you see this : This software was written by Simon Deplat (aka Dindoleon), this is implied : , but should be considered as a production of the whole SuperCollider community.

Dindoléon's code


06 Dec'18 02:45 in guigranulargrainmodule

A GUI module to produce granular synthesis textures. Controls are : amplitude, trigger rate, grain duration, number of simultaneous grains, frequency offset between simultaneous grains, random panning and enveloppe.

DiamondSlider : custom unidimensionnal slider GUI.

18 Nov'18 10:07 in guislider

Custom unidimensionnal slider GUI I made for my touchscreen instrument. Presented here as a tuner, but can serve any control purpose.

Harmo : Harmonic Series modulated by a MultiSlider interface.


MultiSlider plot display allowing to shape a harmonic series. This is a simplification of Bruno Ruviaro's Additive Synthesis GUI Demo 2.

Poussière : standalone dust generator (uncommented version of luce)

18 Nov'18 07:22 in guislidermodule

Dust2 synth controlled by a custom 2D slider (kind of simulates vinyl crackles). Actually an uncommented fork of the luce module. Easy to integrate and modify.

luce : standalone synth and custom slider GUI demo

18 Nov'18 05:54 in guibeginnerslidermodule

luce is a standalone synth module driven by a custom 2D slider GUI. It is easy to integrate and to modify. It also serves the purpose of understanding the bases of developping modules with SuperCollider for beginners.