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Balance2 : MultiOutUGen : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object

Stereo signal balancer


Equal power panning balances two channels. By panning from left (pos=-1) to right (pos=1) you are decrementing the level of the left channel from 1 to 0 taking the square root of the linear scaling factor, while at the same time incrementing the level of the right channel from 0 to 1 using the same curve. In the center position (pos=0) this results in a level for both channels of 0.5.sqrt (~=0.707 or -3dB). The output of Balance2 remains a stereo signal.

Class Methods, right, pos: 0, level: 1), right, pos: 0, level: 1)



channel 1 of input stereo signal


channel 2 of input stereo signal


pan position, -1 is left, +1 is right


a control rate level input.

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// a stereo signal, both channels at 0dB

// using Balance on a stereo signal with the position parameter at 0, effectively the same sound but both channels at -3dB
{,, 0)}.play

// pan sweep from left to right

// other examples
{,,, 0.1) }.play;
{var source; source=[440,550]);[0],source[1],,0.3) }.play;