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Pan2 : MultiOutUGen : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object

Two channel equal power pan.
Subclasses: LinPan2


Two channel equal power panner. Pan2 takes the square root of the linear scaling factor going from 1 (left or right) to 0.5.sqrt (~=0.707) in the center, which is about 3dB reduction. With linear panning (LinPan2) the signal is lowered as it approaches center using a straight line from 1 (left or right) to 0.5 (center) for a 6dB reduction in the middle. A problem inherent to linear panning is that the perceived volume of the signal drops in the middle. Pan2 solves this.

Class Methods, pos: 0, level: 1), pos: 0, level: 1)



The input signal.


Pan position, -1 is left, +1 is right.


A control rate level input.

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// hear the difference, LinPan having a slight drop in the middle...
{,, 1, 5)) }.play

// ... whereas Pan2 is more smooth
{,, 1, 5)) }.play

// other examples
{,, 0.3) }.play;