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Monitors another UGen to see when it is finished
Inherits from: UGen : AbstractFunction : Object


Some UGens set a 'done' flag when they are finished playing. This UGen echoes that flag when it is set to track a particular UGen.

The UGens trackable by Done are:

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*kr (src)



UGen to monitor

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The 'done' flag can be used to trigger other things in the same synth:

SynthDef("Done-help", { arg out, t_trig;
    var line, a, b;


    a=,0,0.1*line); //sound fading out
    b=*0.1); //noise starts at end of line,;

Synth("Done-help"); //note that this synth doesn't have it's own doneAction, so you'll need to manually deallocate it

The 'done' flag can be used to trigger a delayed freeing of the current synth, which is not possible by using UGen done-actions :

play {
    var env =,0,2);
    var sig =;,3));,70,7);