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Dynamic ramp noise
Inherits from: LFNoise0 : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object


Like LFNoise1 , it generates linearly interpolated random values at a rate given by the freqargument, with two differences:

If you don't need very high or very low freqs, or use fixed freqs, LFNoise1 is more efficient.

Class Methods

*ar (freq: 500, mul: 1, add: 0)

From superclass: LFNoise0

*kr (freq: 500, mul: 1, add: 0)

From superclass: LFNoise0



Approximate rate at which to generate random values.


Output will be multiplied by this value.


This value will be added to the output.

Inherited class methods

Instance Methods

Inherited instance methods


// try wiggling mouse quickly;
// LFNoise frequently seems stuck, LFDNoise changes smoothly.

{, 1000, 1), 200, 500), 0, 0.2)  }.play

{, 1000, 1), 200, 500), 0, 0.2)  }.play

// LFNoise quantizes time steps at high freqs, LFDNoise does not:

{, 20000, 8), 0.1) }.scope;

{, 20000, 8), 0.1) }.scope;
[1] - LFNoise0 , LFNoise1 and LFNoise2 quantize to the nearest integer division of the samplerate, and they poll the freqargument only when scheduled; thus they often seem to hang when freqs get very low.