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PinkNoise : WhiteNoise : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object

Pink Noise.


Generates noise whose spectrum falls off in power by 3 dB per octave, which gives equal power over the span of each octave. This version is band-limited to 8 octaves.

Internally, this UGen calculates its output by means of the Voss-McCartney algorithm.

NOTE: The values produced by this UGen were observed to lie with very high probability between approximately -0.65 and +0.81 (before being multiplied by mul). The signal's RMS is approximately -16 dB.

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From superclass: WhiteNoise 1, add: 0)

From superclass: WhiteNoise



Output will be multiplied by this value.


This value will be added to the output.

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SynthDef("help-PinkNoise", { arg out=0;,