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TdefGui : TaskProxyGui : JITGui : Object

a line of editing controls for a Tdef, and optionally its envir


A gui showing the Tdef's name, playing state, source state, and envir state. Optionally, its envir can also be edited.

First example

g = TdefGui();            // make a TdefGui
g.object = Tdef(\a);        // show when a Tdef is put in
Tdef(\a, { "boing".postln });     // show whether it has a source
Tdef(\a).play;             // show whether playing, stopped, or ended, and pausable
Tdef(\a).set(\abc, 123);     // show whether the tdef has an envir

g = TdefGui(Tdef(\a), 3);    // with an envirgui for 3 items
Tdef(\a).set(\a, 12, \lofreq, [1, 10], \str, "someString", \oops, \oneSymbolTooMany);

(                // put it in an existing window - margin becomes 0@0
w = Window().front; w.addFlowLayout;
TdefGui(Tdef(\a), 0, w);
TdefGui(Tdef(\a), 3, w);

Details on the GUI elements

name button
when selected, typing the delete key will delete its Tdef.
play/stop button
indicates whether the tdef is playing:
" >"if stopped,
" _"if playing and active,
" |"if it is playing, but the stream has ended.

pause/resume button
only visible if one can pause or resume the Tdef, i.e. while it is playing.
"paus"shown when you can pause it,
"rsum"shown when you can resume it.

src button
opens a document to edit the source (function) of the Tdef.
greena source exists,
whitethe source is nil.

env button
click opens a document to edit the envir of the Tdef, option-click opens a new TdefGui with a big enough EnvirGui for the Tdef's envir.
greenthe Tdef has an envir,
whitethe envir is nil.

Class Methods

Creation Methods, numItems: 0, parent, bounds, makeSkip: true, options: [ ])

From superclass: JITGui

Create a new JITGui that will be watching an object and display its state.



the object to watch


the number of display items to use, e.g. how many fields for text, or how many EZSliders for single-number parameters.


a parent view on which to display. If nil, a new window is created; parent can also be an existing window or a composite view.


a desired size and position where to display a JITGui. can be nil, a Point, or a Rect. JITGuis know their minimum size ( minSize ), and if bounds is nil, minSize is used. if bounds is a point or rect, it will be set to at least minSize. With a rect one can also supply a position where to display. If a point,shown size is the maximum of bounds and minSize


A flag whether to make a skipjack. If one uses a TdefGui as part of a larger gui ensemble, one may want to call checkUpdate on all of them together, not with separate skipJacks.


a list of additional information, e.g. flags about optional buttons. (this is used is some subclasses)

Inherited class methods

Undocumented class methods


Instance Methods


.object = obj

From superclass: JITGui

a Tdef, or nil


From superclass: JITGui

the number of items in the envirGui


From superclass: JITGui

the parent view


From superclass: JITGui

the bounds of the -zone


From superclass: JITGui

the CompositeView within which the TdfGui is shown


From superclass: TaskProxyGui


From superclass: TaskProxyGui


From superclass: TaskProxyGui


From superclass: TaskProxyGui


From superclass: TaskProxyGui

the buttons


From superclass: TaskProxyGui

the gui for the Tdef's envir - if numItems > 0.


.object = obj

From superclass: JITGui

put an object in the gui.

.moveTo(h, v)

From superclass: JITGui

(if the jitGui is in its own window)

move it to some specific location.


From superclass: TaskProxyGui

(if the jitGui is in its own window)

set the TdefGui's object to nil


From superclass: JITGui

(if the jitGui is in its own window)

and close its window.

Internal methods


From superclass: TaskProxyGui

a compileString that recreates the Tdef.

// assume g from above is still there


From superclass: TaskProxyGui

a compileString that recreates the Tdef's envir at edKey.


From superclass: TaskProxyGui

a compileString that recreates the Tdef's envir at edKeys.



Default value is nil.

// assume g from above is still there
Tdef(\a).set(\foo, \bar);



From superclass: TaskProxyGui

the keys in use in the envir


.openDoc(strings, bounds)

From superclass: TaskProxyGui

open a document with some strings at some location. used with src button, env button.


.makeEnvirGui(lineWidth, height)

From superclass: TaskProxyGui

make an envirGui within zone.

Inherited instance methods


Tdef(\a, { |e| { |i| i.postln; 0.5.wait } });
t = TdefGui(Tdef(\a), 4);
Tdef(\a).set(\freq, 200, \dur, 0.1, \otto, 12, \ann, 1234);



w = Window("put it in a selfmade window").front;
w.view.decorator.shift(50, 50);
TdefGui(Tdef(\a), 12, w)

Tdef(\b, { |e| { |i| Tdef(\a).set(\otto, 8.rand); exprand(0.1, 3.0).wait } });

    // see all Tdefs: