News in 3.6:
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News in 3.6

A summary of news in SC 3.6

SuperCollider IDE

A new cross-platform SuperCollider coding environment.

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Language-side news

More informative syntax errors

The parser now posts the details of syntax errors, example:


Posts the following error message:

ERROR: syntax error, unexpected BINOP, expecting ']'
  in file 'selected text'
  line 1 char 6:

ERROR: Command line parse failed

Remove old syntax

#(a:1) was valid syntax, but yielded nonsense results. This will now result in a syntax error instead.

YAML/JSON parser

String: -parseYAML and String: -parseYAMLFile can be used to parse YAML or JSON.

SynthDef optimizations for additive terms

When the SynthDef is compiled, separate additive ugens are combined via the new Sum3 and Sum4 ugens.

Basic dead code elimination for SynthDefs

The process of building synthdefs now performs a simple dead code elimination pass, which removes all PureUGen instances without successor.

Case sensitive String comparison

String comparison operators (==, !=, <=, >=, >, <) are now case sensitive.

"Foo" == "fOo"; // false

SplayAz Bug Fix

Positioning of SplayAz was broken. The semantics of the spread and center arguments has been changed in order to fix the behavior.

Array primitives respect mutability

The array primitives now respect object mutability: writing to an immutable object now fails and changing an immutable object with add, addAll, insert, extend, growClear and overwrite will return a newly allocated object.

Server-side news

SynthDef2 fileformat

C++ base class for Unit Generators

A new C++ base class has been introduced, which extends the plain c-style Unit struct by a C++ interface.