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PlazyEnvir : Plazy : Pattern : AbstractFunction : Object

instantiate new patterns from a function
Subclasses: PlazyEnvirN


Evaluates a function that returns a pattern and embeds it in a stream. In difference to Plazy, the function is evaluated using the environment passed in by the stream.

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From superclass: Plazy



A Function that returns a pattern or any other valid pattern input.

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.passEvent = value


a = PlazyEnvir({ arg a=0, b=1; Pshuf([a, a, b], 2) }); // a, b default to 0,1
x = Pn(a, inf).asStream; { };;
e = (a:100); { };;
e = (a:100, b:200); { };

//PlazyEnvir used to produce a Pbind:

    { arg out=0, freq=440, sustain=0.05, pan=0;
        var env;
        env =, sustain, 0.2), doneAction: Done.freeSelf);,, 0, env), pan))

a = PlazyEnvir({ arg g=0, h=0, dur=1;
    postf("g: %, h: %, dur: %\n", g, h, dur);
        \instrument, \help_sinegrain,
        \dur, dur,
        \degree, Pseq([g, g, h, g, h], 2)

// different variants
(a <> (g: 0, h: 3, dur:0.2)).play; // single stream
(a <> (g: [0, 4], h: [3, -1], dur:0.2)).play; // same durations, two streams

For more about the composition operator <> see: Pchain.

Some parameters, like duration, cannot be used in the form of an array in the Pbind. For full parallel expansion see PlazyEnvirN.