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ReplaceOut : Out : AbstractOut : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object

Send signal to a bus, overwriting previous contents.


Out adds it's output to a given bus, making it available to all nodes later in the node tree (See Synth and Order of execution for more information). ReplaceOut overwrites those contents. This can make it useful for processing.

See the Server Architecture and Bus helpfiles for more information on buses and how they are used.

Class Methods, channelsArray)

From superclass: Out, channelsArray)

From superclass: Out



The index of the bus to write out to. The lowest numbers are written to the audio hardware.


An Array of channels or single output to write out. You cannot change the size of this once a SynthDef has been built.

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SynthDef("ReplaceOutHelp", { arg out=0, freq=440;
    var source;
        source =, 0, 0.1);

        // write to the bus, replacing previous contents, source);


// each Synth replaces the output of the previous one
x = Synth.tail(s, "ReplaceOutHelp", [\freq, 500]);
y = Synth.tail(s, "ReplaceOutHelp", [\freq, 600]);
z = Synth.tail(s, "ReplaceOutHelp", [\freq, 700]);

// release them in reverse order; the older Synths are still there.;;;