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Render SCDoc markup text to HTML
Inherits from: Object


This class is part of the SCDoc help system, and handles the rendering of the parsed document tree into HTML output.

In normal cases you won't need to use this class directly, SCDoc uses this class by default to render help files.

Class Methods

*renderOnStream (stream, doc, root)

Renders a parsed document as HTML onto given stream.



A stream, for example a File instance.


An instance of SCDocEntry


An instance of SCDocNode

*renderToFile (filename, doc, root)

Opens a file and passes it to *renderOnStream

*htmlForLink (link, escape: true)

Create a html string for the given scdoc link.



An scdoc link, such as a document key like "Classes/SinOsc", or an URL, or link to other file installed with the help.


a boolean to set whether to escape special characters.


A String

*makeArgString (m, par: true)

Used internally.


A String representing the arguments (with defaults) for a Method.

Inherited class methods

Undocumented class methods

*addUndocumentedMethods (list, body, id2, id, title)

*escapeSpacesInAnchor (str)

*escapeSpecialChars (str)

*renderChildren (stream, node)

*renderClassTree (stream, cls)

*renderFootNotes (stream)

*renderFooter (stream, doc)

*renderHeader (stream, doc)

*renderMethod (stream, node, cls, icls, css, pfx)

*renderSubTree (stream, node)

*renderTOC (stream, node)

Instance Methods

Inherited instance methods

CSS styling

The rendered HTML reads the global style from scdoc.css, but also reads frontend.css and custom.css (in that order) if available, to enable specific frontends and users to override the CSS.

So to customise the CSS, the user can create a custom.css in their SCDoc: *helpTargetDir or at the root of any HelpSource directory (for example in YourExtension/HelpSource/custom.css ).