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UnaryOpUGen : BasicOpUGen : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object

Apply a unary operation to the values of an input ugen


UnaryOpUGens are created as the result of a unary operator applied to a UGen.


As in the examples given here, you don't usually need to instantiate UnaryOpUGen yourself.

The unary and binary operators are defined in UGen's superclass AbstractFunction, which creates the BinaryOpUGen as a result of the operation.

See Operators for an overview of common operators.

Class Methods

UnaryOpUGen.new(selector, a)

return a new instance that applies the operator selector to the ugen a



The selector symbol for the unary operator



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Instance Methods

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a = WhiteNoise.ar; // a WhiteNoise
b = a.squared; // a UnaryOpUGen.
b.operator; // squared

// sound example

{ var a = LFSaw.ar(300).range(0, 2pi); a.sin * 0.1 }.play;

// Plotting the "abs" unary operator (via the server):

{ SinOsc.ar(300).abs }.plot