News in 3.7:
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News in 3.7

A summary of news in SC 3.7

In addition to the new features and changes described here, there are many bugfixes and interesting improvements, a full list of which can be found in

SuperCollider IDE

SuperCollider Language

External Interfacing

There is an entirely new HID (Human Interface Device) implementation: see Working with HID that works cross platform (Linux and macOS thus far). This deprecates the GeneralHID interface. Also the LID interface has been updated to match the API of the new HID implementation.

New methods and classes

Deprecated classes and methods

SuperCollider Server

Apart from UDP, the TCP-protocol is now supported.

When mapping controls of synths to busses, their number of channels is limited to the number of control channels, avoiding a "spill-over" of mappings.

List of new UGens

Improved or corrected behavior

More operators work uniformly across sclang and scserver

The following operators have been added as UGens and work the same as in sclang:

unary operatorsrand, rand2, linrand, bilinrand, sum3rand, coin
binary operatorslcm, gcd, rrand, exprand

See Operators

Known Issues

While much has improved and many bugs from 3.6 have been fixed, there are still many known issues. For a complete list see:

Please do not hesitate to add new issues you find to the issue tracker or mention them on the mailing list